The Medicine King’s Secret

The Medicine King’s Secret

The medicine king Sun Simiao summarized the previous clinical experience and medical theory of the Tang Dynasty, and compiled two medical masterpieces-Qianqianfang and Qianjinyifang.

Sun Simiao has not only made great achievements in medicine, but also has a lot of research on health, and his method of health is worthy of replacement by the elderly.

  The hair often combs the palms of each other for 36 to make the palms warm, and then sweeps them up from the forehead, twists back and forth with the back of the brain, 10 times each morning and evening.

There are many important acupuncture points on the head. Frequent combing with this method can effectively prevent headaches, tinnitus, white hair and hair loss.

  After closing your eyes, open your eyes hard, circle your eyes, and look left, up, right, and down; then close your eyes, open your eyes strongly, circle your eyes, and look right, up, left, and down, repeat3 times.

This method helps eye health.

  The teeth often close the mouth slightly, the upper and lower rows of teeth rub each other without too much force, but the teeth should make a sound when each other, 36 times each time.

This method can pass through the upper and lower jaw meridians, enhance gastrointestinal function, prevent fractures and dental bone degradation.

  Shu Yujin’s mouth was closed slightly, and the tongue and teeth were outside the teeth, starting from the top, slowly turning to the left for a total of 12 turns, and then swallowing saliva.

Then start from the top, turn 12 turns in the opposite direction, and swallow the saliva.

Because saliva contains a large amount of enzymes, it helps to strengthen the stomach after swallowing.

  Ears are often drummed, covering both ears with both hands, pressing inward hard, letting go, accompanied by the sound of 噗, repeat 10 times.

After that, cover your ears with your hands, fold your ears back, hold your index finger with your middle finger, and use your forefinger to force the back of the brain wind pool points 10 times.

Do it every day before bedtime, which will help to enhance memory.

  Waist often swings the body and hands rhythmically.

When the body twists to the left, the right hand is in front, the left hand is in the back, and the right hand in the front is tapped on the lower abdomen, and the left hand in the back is tapped on the “Mingmen” acupoint, repeating in the opposite direction.

Do at least 50 reps, it is better to do 100 reps.

This method helps to enhance gastrointestinal function and prevent indigestion, stomach pain and low back pain.

  The abdomen often rubs his hands 36 times. After warming his hands, his hands are crossed and rubbed clockwise around the navel.

Kneading range is from small to large, kneading 36 times.

This method helps eliminate abdominal bloating.

  The knees often twist their feet side by side, the knees are tight, the body is squatting slightly, both hands press the knees, twist to the left and right, each 20 times.

This method can exercise the knee joint.

As the saying goes: “People are old with old legs, and kidneys are weak with knees.

“If you want to extend your life, start with your legs.

  Feet often rub right foot and left foot, left hand rub right foot.

From the heel up to the toe, rub the heel back down for a total of 36 times, and then use the thumbs of both hands to alternately rub the soles of the feet in Yongquan 100 times.

Because the soles of the feet are concentrated in the reflex zones of the whole body, regular rubbing of the feet can strengthen the body, treat insomnia, lower blood pressure, and eliminate headaches.

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