Summer siesta!

How to sleep most scientifically

Summer siesta!
How to sleep most scientifically

After a morning of work and study, the human body consumes physical and mental energy.

After lunch, you need to take a nap at noon to relieve fatigue and replenish physical strength, so that you can have more abundant physical strength and mentality to work in the afternoon.

So, how to make good use of siesta time to make siesta healthier and most scientific?

  Summer siesta is more necessary in summer because the summer days are short and the nights are long, and the summer nights are hot and unbearable, which affects the quality of sleep.The feeling of drowsiness causes many people to lack work due to work or lifestyle reasons. They often stay up late and lack sleep.

After lunch, to ensure the digestion and absorption of food, most of the body’s blood flows to the digestive system, and the blood in the brain is relatively reduced. In addition, after working or studying in the morning, the brain cells are also fatigued, so they are drowsysense.

This drowsiness during midday is the performance of normal sleep and awake biological rhythms. It is adjusted by siesta. Siesta can compensate for lack of sleep at night, which can relax and rest the human brain and various systems of the body., Work or study at night.

In addition, napping can also protect the brain and relieve tension.

When sleeping, not only the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex are protected and inhibited, but also the rest of the body is fully rested. The muscles of the whole body are relaxed, and the physical energy consumed by the activity can be gradually recovered.The organ can work normally on top of calmness.

  How to take a nap is healthier ★ Do not eat greasy food before going to bed, do not eat too full.

Greasy food will increase blood viscosity, aggravate coronary artery disease, increase gastric digestive burden, and affect the quality of lunch breaks.

  ★ For healthy siesta, 15-30 minutes is most suitable. If it is longer than 30 minutes, the body will enter a deep sleep period, which is difficult to wake up. It may be better to extend to 1-1.

5 hours to complete a complete sleep cycle.

Taking a nap too long, I will have a slight headache and weak body for the first half hour, which is caused by “sleep inertia”.

Don’t expect to be awake at this time, and you can return to normal after an hour of buffering.

However, siesta in this case is only suitable for supplementing the lack of sleep the night before, and a truly healthy siesta should not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise it will easily disrupt the physiological clock and affect normal night sleep.

  ★ Mild activity after waking up, you should slowly stand up after taking a nap, and then drink a glass of water to replenish blood volume and replace blood viscosity, do not immediately carry out complicated and dangerous work.

  ★ Persistent siesta habits, because irregular siesta habits will also disturb the physiological clock, affecting the law of late sleep.

For example, delaying to sleep in the evening not only does not help the health, but also delays falling asleep at night.

  ★ If you want to take a nap, you should develop the habit of timing and quantification every day.

The best time to take a nap is 8 hours after waking up in the morning and 8 hours before going to bed at night, which is the middle of the day’s activity time.

Even if you don’t feel sleepy at that time, you can take a break instead of drinking coffee as a refreshing soup.

  Siesta needs attention ★ People with insomnia problems should avoid siesta during the day.

Not everyone needs a nap.

For people who are in good health and sleep well at night, not taking a nap usually does not affect their health.

However, for military mental work, middle and primary school students, frail and sick people or the elderly, a nap is very necessary.

  ★ Siesta can not be casually in the corridor, under the shade of the tree, on the grass, lying on the concrete floor and sleeping on the ground, and do not sleep at the wind vent.

Because a person’s body temperature regulation central function declines during sleep, severe cases of cold and cold, wake up easily cause physical discomfort.

“The rest is to go further.”

The short siesta time will make you look energetic in the afternoon and the whole night.

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