Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty because he lost his psychological battle at the crucial moment of 12 yards._1

Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty because he lost his psychological battle at the crucial moment of 12 yards.
In the history of the Champions League semi-finals, Ronaldo scored a total of 9 goals, he is the best scorer in the history of the Champions League semi-finals.But if Real Madrid and Juventus kick the penalty shootout, Ronaldo’s performance will be shocking.Buffon is one of the best goalkeepers in history. Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in key penalty kicks is far worse than when there is no pressure.Diego Alves overwhelms Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2008 UEFA Champions League final. Cristiano Ronaldo missed in the penalty shootout and nearly missed Manchester United’s prospects.In the 2012 Champions League semi-final, Ronaldo’s first penalty kick was saved by Neuer.In the 2012 European Cup semi-final, Ronaldo took the initiative to request a fifth penalty kick.As a result, before he played, Portugal lost early, and Ronaldo was corrected by the media afterwards to dare not take responsibility.In the last weekend, Ronaldo lost dozens of penalty kicks that changed the culmination of the championship.If Cristiano Ronaldo breaks through the gates of Valencia, Real Madrid is only 2 points behind Barcelona.But now, chasing 4 points in 2 rounds can almost be regarded as a fantasy.  In this penalty shoot, “Aspen” conducted a video review, Cristiano Ronaldo actually lost the psychological war.After the referee made a penalty kick, Valen goalkeeper Diego Alves went to Ronaldo.The Brazilian shook his right index finger and pointed his fingertip to his right.Don’t kick me to the right, Diego Alves did this to Ronaldo.  Diego Alves’ psychological warfare clearly affected Ronaldo, and the Portuguese had an obvious pause in the run.Under normal circumstances, Ronaldo will not have a pause in the penalty run, this pause highlights his hesitation.Ronaldo finally chose to kick to the right of Diego Alves, and the Brazilian quickly flew the ball with one palm.Cristiano Ronaldo played against Diego Alves three times before 12 yards, and all of them kicked the ball to the right of the Brazilian. The Brazilian saved two of them.  Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty kick is very likely to directly lead Real Madrid to miss the championship in La Liga.Despite his direct responsibility, Ronaldo chose to continue the news silence.Yesterday, a fan stopped Ronaldo’s car outside the Real Madrid base. The reporter took the opportunity to ask Ronaldo to talk about his feelings after the penalty kick was kicked, and asked Ronaldo to assess Cassie’s sloppy incident against Bernabeu fans.Ronaldo’s choice is to keep his lips closed.

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