World Cup preliminary 12 Chinese team schedule: March 23 National Football team Changsha vs. South Korea team _1

World Cup preliminary 12 Chinese team schedule: March 23 national football team Changsha vs. South Korea team
Can Yin Hongbo stand firm in the national football team (data map) On March 23, the national football team will play at home in Changsha to face the opponents South Korea team in the Asian qualifying round of 12 in the World Preliminaries, and then will go away against Iran.Yesterday, both China and South Korea announced the training list.On the national football side, Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai Shanggang are still major national exporters. The three teenagers who performed well in the China Cup were selected.Wang Yongpo and Ren Hang returned yesterday morning. The Chinese Football Association announced the 25-man roster to prepare for two matches in South Korea and Iran. Lippi continued the framework of February flight training in personnel selection.Among them, a total of 7 players from Guangzhou Evergrande were selected, 4 players from Shanghai and Hong Kong were selected, and 3 players from China Fortune were selected.  The most striking thing is the return of Wang Yongbo and Ren Hang.When Gao Hongbo was in charge of the national football coach, Ren Hang served as the main force, but because of his contradiction with the club, he could not play for a long time, resulting in an unstable state.This season, through Ren Hang played on behalf of China, which also made him return to the national football.In the same way, Wang Yongpo, who was in Luneng’s role last season, gradually lost his main position. After joining the newly promoted Quanquan this season, it is not surprising that he has obtained stable playing time.  At the same time, Fan Xiaodong, Deng Hanwen and Yin Hongbo, who have performed well in the China Cup, have also been selected, but they are not easy to play the main role in such a crucial game.The teenager Zhang Yuning is the only overseas returnee.  The national football team will gather on March 16 to prepare for the game. Eventually, who will be able to enter the 18-man roster, Wei Lippi will make a choice through a few days of observation.At present, the national football team is neat, but the difficulty is that Evergrande and Shanggang will compete in the AFC this week. The players of the two teams who have been fighting in the double line are relatively weak. Whether the relevant players can get a good state in the national team is aproblem.Sun Xingming will not be able to debut Yesterday, the South Korean team also announced a 24-man roster. Four South Korean players with Super League effectiveness have been selected for the national team, namely Hong Zhenghao of Suning, Zhang Xianxiu of R&F, Jin Jixi of Shenhua and Zheng Yourong of Lifan of Shenhua.Sun Xingming, Chi Dongyuan, Ju Zizhe, Qi Chengyong, Nan Taixi and other European generals were all listed, but Sun Xingming was suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards and will not be able to play this round.This is definitely good news for the national football team. You should know that Sun Xingming scored twice in the Premier League last weekend.However, the South Korean team did not worry at all. They thought that even with Lippi sitting in town, it would be impossible for the national football team to improve their strength overnight. It is not difficult to win the national football team.  Fighting against South Korea, the national football team went to challenge Iran on March 28 instead.Faced with the two strongest opponents in the group one after another, this will be Lippi’s toughest test after becoming the national football coach.Air Force Gao Hongbo leads team 2?3 small negative Korea, 0?With a 0 draw against Iran, Lippi could go beyond the national football team to go one step further and usher in the first win of the top twelve match, which became the expectation of all circles.(Reporter Wang Weihao) Previous 12Next

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