The founder of Alpha Go said its technology will be applied in more fields

The founder of “Alpha Go” said its technology will be applied in more fields
Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, January 27th (Reporter Zhang Yirong) Local media reported that at the 2017 Digital Life Design Conference held in Munich, Germany this month, Alfa Go founder and Deep Thinking CEO HasabiSi said that the artificial intelligence technology of Alpha Go will be applied in more fields.  We develop algorithms in (Go) games, but it should be applied to the real world, Hasabis said.He likens the research of Deep Thinking to the Apollo program in the field of artificial intelligence. The goal is to develop a general learning system for applications in medicine, health, and materials science.  He revealed that the algorithm of Alpha Go has merged with the computing center of its parent company Google since last summer, helping to reduce the cost by 15% and saving millions of dollars in electricity costs.Hassabis said that this algorithm can also be applied to large power grids, which are nothing but enlarged versions of computing centers.  Deep Thinking was acquired by Google in 2014, and currently has about 400 engineers and scientists serving its smart projects.In March last year, Alpha Go developed by Deep Thinking defeated the famous Korean chess player Li Shishi 4:1. At the end of last year, he also defeated many top human chess players on the Internet, causing great concern.  Hassabis said that the company is still researching artificial intelligence related to Go, which has been transformed into a further improvement. The new generation of Alpha Go may mimic human chess moves.  Hassabis believes that the development of artificial intelligence is also human progress. Reducing Go artificial intelligence will help players develop new tactics. When humans and machines cooperate, artificial intelligence will discover our true potential.He said that artificial intelligence helps human beings face a more and more complex world with huge amounts of data, but its application requires someone to be responsible and ethical. Artificial intelligence should help humans improve themselves and open up our boundaries, not simplyBeyond us.  The Digital Life Design Conference was held in 2005, focusing on innovation, digital, scientific and cultural cross-talk. It was held in New York, London, Tel Aviv and other places.

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