There are eight taboos in autumn and winter sleep.

There are eight taboos in autumn and winter sleep.

Sleep is an important means for people to restore their physical strength, ensure health and enhance their immunity.

The autumn climate is cool, and the weather conditions for people’s sleep are greatly improved, but if not properly noticed, the quality of sleep will be greatly affected.

Therefore, autumn and winter sleep should pay attention to the following aspects: one should not sleep and eat.

This will increase the burden on the stomach, cause indigestion, and harmful to the body, which will affect sleep.

If you are too hungry before going to bed, you can eat a small amount and rest for a while before going to sleep.

  Second, avoid drinking tea.

The caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system and cause excitement. Drinking too much tea before going to bed can hardly fall asleep. Excessive tea can cause frequent urination at night and affect sleep.

  Three bogey is emotional before going to bed.

Emotional ups and downs before bedtime can cause disturbances in blood and blood, leading to insomnia, which will cause damage to the body.

Therefore, stress or worry before going to bed is worried or emotional, especially if it is not suitable for liver fire.

  Four avoid excessive entertainment before going to bed.

If you have excessive recreational activities before going to bed, especially long-term intense activities, the nerves of the people continue to be excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.

  Five bogey talk when talking.

Excessive speech when lying down is easy to hurt the lungs, it will also make people excited and affect sleep.

  Six bogey when you sleep.

When sleeping, people who are severely suffocated have difficulty breathing, and the body will be deprived of oxygen, which is extremely detrimental to health.

  Seven bogey when you sleep.

Sleeping and closing is the best way to maintain your vitality.

If you open your mouth and breathe, the inhaled cold air and dust will hurt your lungs, and your stomach will catch cold.

  Eight bogey when blowing.

The body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes during sleep is reduced, and it is vulnerable to wind and evil.

Therefore, keep warm when sleeping, and do not let the wind blow.

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