7 effects of laughing and laughing more healthy laughter

7 effects of laughing and laughing more healthy laughter

People often say that laughing and laughing for ten years.

Laughing is always the expression of people’s mood, and laughter can bring us the following amazing effects!

  Laughter is a natural skill. “Laughter is very simple. It is the innate ability of human beings; laughter is also very complicated, and it contains many scholars that people may never have heard of.

“American psychologist Steve Wilson is the founder of the “World’s Laughter Travel” organization. He has been studying laughter for many years and called on people to laugh.

At the same time, he also found many scientific anecdotes about “laughing” with his colleagues.

  Laughter can mobilize 53 muscles.

There are a total of 44 facial expressions in the human body. Through the cooperation with blood vessels and bones, more than 5,000 expressions can be made.

There are 19 different kinds of laughs, each of which uses different facial muscles. Sometimes you can call 53 muscles, sometimes only 5 muscles.

  Laughs fall into two categories.

Although there are 19 kinds of laughter, they are only classified into two categories. One is a socially polite smile, and the mobilized muscle is replaced. The other is a heartfelt laugh from the lungs, involving more muscles in both limbs.

Laughing is easier than frowning.

Relative to the frown, the number of muscles mobilized by the smile on the face is also less force.

Since the smile is so simple, why are some frowning faces and more happy smiles?

  Laughter is a special effect analgesic study. Laugh is the most natural and most no painkiller.

When you laugh, the happy hormones in your brain will be released. Happy hormones are the most effective analgesic chemicals, which can alleviate all kinds of pain in the body. Therefore, some people with rheumatism and arthritis often laugh and laugh.Relieve the condition.

  Burning calories and helping to lose weight is the best way to stay slim.

German researchers have found that laughing for 10-15 minutes can increase energy consumption, speed up the heartbeat, and burn a certain amount of calories.

  Enhancing immunity can increase the white blood cells in the body and promote the circulation of antibodies in the body, which can enhance immunity and fight against germs.

In addition, laughter also helps blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, and gives people a feeling of vitality.

  Making the heart stronger research shows that people who are humorous and like to talk to people are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Because laughter can make blood circulation better, blood circulation can avoid the accumulation of harmful substances, thus reducing the threat to blood vessels and reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease.

  Laughing and helping people to promote a smile makes a person look attractive, social, confident, and can promote self-worth and help people have the courage to overcome difficulties.

People who love laughs are the easiest to get promoted.

  When the pressure is over, when the person laughs, the body releases the endorphin immediately, driving away any emotions and releasing stress.

Forcing yourself to laugh can have the same effect.

  A survey by Austrian scientists shows that modern people laugh less and less.

In fact, if you want to make your mouth open, you must make some effort consciously.

Experts suggest that you can cultivate some of the following habits: Get up in the morning and smile at yourself in the mirror. Meet friends, colleagues, or passers-by who are rushing to try to smile at them. Make more optimistic friends and meet happy things.To share with people around you, and to listen patiently to other people’s happiness, because laughter can be contagious; if you don’t like to laugh in your personality, you can try to watch some comedies or jokes, and try to tell others; there is an open-minded heart.Think about everything in a good way; force yourself to laugh, and slowly laugh will become a habit.

  Yang Li, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Hong Zhaoguang, the chief health education expert at the Ministry of Health, further pointed out that there must be a degree of laughter.

Hypertension patients laughed loudly, may cause sudden rise in blood pressure, suffering from cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, etc. Patients who are recovering from the recovery period may laugh repeatedly, and may repeat the disease repeatedly; laughing when eating or drinking water, easily causing food or water to enterTrachea, causing high blood pressure coughing or suffocation; surgery, especially shortly after chest and abdomen surgery, patients should also laugh less.

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