4 things that should not be done after getting up in the morning, be careful to hurt and hurt.

4 things that should not be done after getting up in the morning, be careful to hurt and hurt.

As the saying goes: “The day is in the morning” “The early bird catches the worm”. It means that getting up early is quite a healthy thing. If you want to live healthy and live well, the health care in getting up in the morning is very important.

Then, after getting up in the morning, do you usually “do something” and “do not do something” to help your health?

Organize four “bad habits of getting up” that are afraid of getting hurt. You should quit bad habits in a timely manner so that you don’t overburden your body.


When you wake up and go to the toilet immediately, when sleeping at night, the various physiological mechanisms of the human body work very slowly. If you get out of bed and urinate with your bed, it will easily lead to excessive excitement of the parasympathetic nerves, and hypotension, rapid heartbeat, and seriousIt may cause “urinary syncope”, especially when you just get up in winter!


Doing a workout immediately after waking up Some people are used to getting up early, preparing for morning running, thinking that it leads to the spirit of the body and the body.

However, if you wake up and exercise immediately, it will easily excite the human sympathetic nerves, leading to autonomic rhythm disorder, which may make people feel nervous and worry about embolism.

It is important to note that middle-aged and older people are more likely to cause cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction.

It is recommended to do some warm-up exercises before exercise, and eat some food mats on the stomach, so that the healthy exercise will not lead to injury and anti-effect!

The above is a suggestion to get up and do not do things, please the crowd to see clearly and sometimes look like their own health to make adjustments, I hope you have a good start every day?

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