Diet can alleviate the symptoms of autumn dryness

Diet can alleviate the symptoms of autumn dryness

In the fall, many people will be disturbed by autumn dryness.

Autumn dryness is a disease that occurs when people feel dryness in the fall.

There are many symptoms of autumn dryness. It can be said that the nasopharynx is dry, the skin is dry and the cough is less.

Chinese medicine pointed out that autumn dry has two types of warm and dry.

So, how do we prevent autumn dryness in the fall?

It is more important to maintain peace of mind and not to eat cold drinks and irritating foods.

Here we will introduce the following: First, what are the symptoms of autumn dryness, the sound is hoarse: in autumn dryness, cough is the most terrible.

In fact, the mouth and throat is also the easiest place to judge whether the body is dry.

Symptoms such as hoarseness, sore throat and mouth ulcers may occur in some cases; some people may cough, hoarseness and breathlessness, especially at night, long periods of inability to fall asleep; some people with poor constitutions become thisThe autumn cough continues all the way into winter, or it becomes a serious symptom such as chronic bronchitis.

  2, nasal sensitivity: Chinese medicine believes that the sensitivity of the nose is mostly caused by lung deficiency.

In the fall, there are nine out of ten people called nose sensitive issues.

Nasal mucosa is particularly easy to dry in autumn, and once dry, it is digging with fingers. Because the nasal mucosa is attached with abundant capillaries, the more dry it is, the more the behavior of picking the nostrils is replaced, eventually leading to nose bleeding.

Still others have a constant runny nose and sneeze.

  3, dry skin: the skin is particularly easy to dry, itching and even chapped in a dry environment.

If you have regular skin, scratch itching or even rub your lips, it means the skin has lost moisture.

The most important thing for you at this time is to replenish water, drink plenty of water every day, and then take a bottle of spray moisturizer every day, often moisturize yourself, or drink more to relieve the dry soup.

  4, dry hair: dry autumn, blood circulation is worse, blood can not bring nutrients to the hair follicles, hair is prone to dry and yellow.

When you find yourself in the fall, your hair is desperately falling, and that is, autumn dryness is looking for you.

At this time, you should take countermeasures.

  5, horror: dry autumn, will surround two extremes: the body’s immunity is good, cheerful people will fall asleep safely; and instead, some people whose body immunity is not too good suffer from restlessness and even convulsions.

People with this kind of phenomenon must be careful to go to the hospital for treatment early.

  6, constipation: the excessive evaporation of water in the body, coupled with weakened gastrointestinal function, too many people will have dry stools.

The problem of constipation can be big or small, and once it is entangled, the troubles are not ordinary troubles, because after all, it is a problem in a private place, and even a doctor has a lot of inconvenience.

So if you want to make yourself comfortable and normal, you must prevent autumn dryness.

  Second, what to eat in autumn, should eat more fish: autumn is the season to be tonic, but many people are afraid of a lot of tonic to lead to obesity, do not hinder the consumption of fish, low levels of fish, which are confirmed to have hypoglycemic,The role of heart protection and anti-cancer.

  2, pear: pear has the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating wind, antitussive and anti-asthmatic, clearing heart and reducing fire, can alleviate “autumn dryness”, detoxification and detoxification.

Raw pears are cool, and the elderly should not eat too much at one time.

  3, Lily: Lily sweet, slightly cold, heart, lung, with Yin and Runfei, clear heart and soothe the nerves, lungs and thirst, cough and stop bleeding, appetizing and soothe the effect.

  4, jujube: jujube has peace of mind, mental health, appetite, in addition to astringency, anti-allergic, improve immunity, but also high blood pressure, osteoporosis and anemia, is the elderly in the fallReplenishing good products.

  5, chrysanthemum: chrysanthemum can smooth the wind and calm the liver, clear heart and trouble, wind and throat, Shengjin eyesight, hangover poison, have a certain auxiliary treatment for colds and suffering.

  6, sweet potato: sweet potato is evaluated as the best food on the table, it has the effect of preventing cancer, preventing constipation and losing weight.

  7, walnut: walnut is the best food for brain repair, is also a kidney and solid essence, warm lung and asthma medication, for kidney deficiency, frequent urination, cough and other symptoms have a good effect.

  8, should add fitness soup: autumn diet to nourish yin and dryness as the principle, on this basis, daily, dinner, drink some fitness soup, you can infiltrate the wet spleen, nourishing yin and anti-dry, so you can also supplement nutrition, strengthenFitness.

The soups that are often eaten in autumn are: lily winter melon soup, pig skin tomato soup, hawthorn pork ribs soup, squid hawthorn soup, squid head soup, squid soup, red bean squid soup, duck rack tofu soup, simmered bean curd soup, oyster mushroom tofuSoup, oyster mushroom egg soup, mushroom seaweed soup, etc.

  9, chestnut: chestnuts have the reputation of the king of the fruit, can not only spleen and stomach, but also to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the muscles, but also has the effect of promoting blood circulation.

  10, should eat more porridge: early autumn, the weather is still hot, the air is tilted, steaming people, and the ripe fruit in autumn, it is difficult to protect people not overeating, these will hurt the spleen and stomach, so eat more porridge in the autumn morning,It can not only strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, but also bring a refreshing day.

The porridge that eats in autumn is: Hawthorn previous rice porridge, pear pear previous rice porridge, rabbit meat previous rice porridge, white radish previous rice porridge, almond rice porridge, orange peel rice porridge, dried persimmon rice porridge.

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