Chuxing Agriculture strives to build China’s first health-care Ganquan water international brand

Chuxing Agriculture strives to build China’s first health-care Ganquan water international brand

Held the Loess Lun Ganquan product launch product conference Chuxing Agriculture to build China’s first health Ganquan water international brand force business news August 29, 2018 Changsha News (Chief reporter Wang Yiqun) August 28, Hunan Changsha Chuxing AgricultureDevelopment Co., Ltd. Antique “Huangtulun Ganquan product launch conference”.

Representatives from all walks of life gathered in the conference room of the company’s large-scale entrepreneurial base in the Huangtu Mountain area of Erquan Village, Dacheng Bridge, Ningxiang, and witnessed the beautiful myth of Huangtulun Ganquan, which was “several years before the millennium, and the aftergrowth of the millennium”
.True story.

Yang Lan, general manager of Hunan Changsha Chuxing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. released the on-line report of Huangtulun Ganquan products. Yang Siqiang, chairman of Hunan Changsha Chuxing Energy Co., and the provincial and municipal leaders and experts attended the interview on media concerns.
After the meeting with the members, I visited the 3 major workshops of Huangtulun Ganquan and 2 production lines, and visited and took pictures at the Huangtulunganquan water well in the base.

Invested 10 million yuan to build the whole industrial chain of Huangtulun Ganquan Water. It is said that Yang Hao, general manager of Hunan Changsha Chuxing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., introduced at the press conference that Chuxing Agricultural Development Company is a large-scale technology expanded by Chuxing Energy project.

The company, which was seated in the Huangtu Mountain area of Erquan Village, Dacheng Bridge, Ningxiang, was first established in 2015. At that time, it was awarded the Ningxiang Disabled Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation Base.

Here, 400 acres of arid soil ponds, winding path, the land is fertile, the slopes are like waves, through the lush, close to the Ninghuang Provincial Road, but there is a hole in the sky, is a feng shui treasure of agricultural development.

In the company base with a total area of 380 mu, the plant construction area is about 10,000 square meters, the office space is more than 1,000 square meters, and the total investment is more than 10 million yuan.

The three workshops in the plant are the Huangtulunquan water collection workshop, the Huangtulun spring water delivery treatment workshop, and the Huangtulun spring water injection into the packaging workshop.

The two major production lines are a bottled water production line and a bottled water production line. The current daily production capacity is 40 tons.

It is an excellent agricultural development enterprise integrating democratic development, production and sales in Ningxiang City.

The company has more than 100 employees, of which 32 are employees.

8%, Chuxing nationals were awarded the title of “Ningxiang Disabled Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation Base” by the government.

The company’s business scope mainly includes Huangtulun Ganquan water, agricultural product cultivation and sales, agricultural technology services, crop variety research and development, leisure tourism agriculture development and pre-packaged food sales.

The company implements + farmer + internet and other modes to form a whole industry chain of production, supply and marketing.

After the first and second phases of the project are all put into operation, it is expected to drive 3,000 farmers to increase employment.

The eight-year plan depicts the beautiful scenery of Chuxing’s agricultural beautiful countryside. Yang Lan said at the press conference that the company has determined and implemented the eight-year plan, 2017 is the year of infrastructure construction, and 2018 is the year of development, 2019In the year of vigorous development, 2020 is the year of upgrading and innovation, and the next four years is the stage of deep development of the company’s comprehensive cross-border integration.

With the pace of the times and the continuous infiltration of modern technology, Hunan Changsha Chuxing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and its affiliated base will be built to collect species, raise, graze, fruit and vegetable cultivation, orchard picking, sightseeing trails, farming culture, barbecue, fishing,Mountaineering, sightseeing, dining, accommodation and other modern agricultural expo experience garden bases and beautiful rural tourism and sightseeing.

It has a dating RV base, establishes rural medical and primary education institutions, and develops various forms of new three-agricultural construction mode. It has become the agricultural development demonstration specimen of Changsha, the provincial capital, and the tourist destination of Daning Township.

In the process of continuously expanding production capacity and market, we have made unremitting efforts to build the international brand of China’s first health care spring water.

The myth of the millennium mythology is eager for the beautiful dream of the loess lunganquan, the local time of the 106-year-old god doctor, Mr. Zhou Falei, told the reporter that it was said that during the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanyou years, the Eight Immortals came to the north bank of the Chujiang River to complete the beauty of the Jinniu River.After that, the seven great immortals returned to the hometown of Zhongnan Mountain, Zhongtiao Mountain, Yucheng County and other places to retreat.

He Xiangu drove the colorful morning glow to the city of Shunheng and went down to the Huangtulun section of Dacheng Bridge.

He Xiangu’s first look at polishing is the source of water. If you can guide a clear spring here, it is a merit for the benefit of generations.

He Xiangu made a special trip to see Guanyin Tuas, and asked Guanyin to pay tribute to the nectar in the bottle. The Huangtulun of Dacheng Bridge was turned into a clear spring, and Xiangu Da Shi immediately accepted it.

Guanyin said, I can point out that Huangtulun sees out the Ganquan, but it is not today.

He Xiangu asked, why is that?

Guanyin said that it will be stored first.

He Xiangu asked again, when will it come to the spring?

Guanyin said that Sheng Shilai, Ming Jun, Guo Yun Xing, Min An Le, when there was a local good-hearted person and a sturdy lord to start a business in Huangtulun, when the Huangtulun Qing Spring spewed.

After the fairy sings, she will smile and choose Guanyin for worship and gratitude.

Near the millennium, the Huangtulun of Dacheng Bridge has never spewed out of the spring.

The history of the 931-year-old Huangtulun Ganquan has finally come true from the Yuanyou period of the Northern Song Dynasty to 2017, and has spanned 931 years of history.

At the beginning of 2017, Master Li Yi, a disciple of the Chinese Yi Jing, was negotiating with his younger brother, Yang Siqiang, who is a well-known local entrepreneur. He wanted to take water from the local Huangtulun to benefit the people.

The two brothers and brothers visited the Huangtulun hiking mountain all the way. After a few hours, the two decided to drill the top of the top of the Huangtulun Mountain.

There was nothing on the day of the drilling of the rig, and Yang Siqiang was not in a hurry to drill the next day.

In the afternoon, after the rig had drilled more than 30 meters of sulphate, the drill bit shook, and a clear spring like a bowl sprang from the drill hole.

“The spring water is out!
The spring is out!
Yang Siqiang was so happy to dance, holding a gushing Ganquan and drinking enough.

The villagers who heard the news saw the gushing out of the Ganquan and were pleasantly surprised to cheer: “The loess is out of the spring!”

God opened his eyes!

He Xiangu and Guanyin Tuas are showing up!

On the second day, Yang Siqiang placed the samples of Huangtulunshan Spring in Hunan Shanshui Testing Co., Ltd. for testing and identification.

Seven days later, the report of the inspection department came out: the Huangtulunshan spring water meets the “Standards for Living and Drinking Water Hygiene” jointly issued by the National Standards Committee and the Ministry of Health, and is a high-quality non-polluting natural pollutant.

In a historic day, the famous Guangdu Master visited Changsha Ningxiang Dachengqiao Chuxing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which opened the ceremony for the Huangtulun Ganquan Antiques.

The local law of Dacheng Bridge in Changsha Ningxiang is Zhou Falei, and the 105-year-old god doctor also came to the scene.

Zhou Lao tasted the Huangtulun Ganquan and twisted the silver whisker and praised it: No one has realized it for hundreds of years, and you tried to realize it in Yang Siqiang.

You have done a good thing to benefit the people, this is God’s will, haha!

Master Guangdu also said that he is good at everything!

He personally conducted a ceremony for opening and pointing the holy water for the Huangtulun Ganquan.

Yang Siqiang and Destiny Struggle to Win the glory and more dazzling glory The reporter learned in an interview that Yang Siqiang, the chairman of Hunan Changsha Chuxing Energy Co., Ltd., is a third-grade disabled person and a love entrepreneur with a lot of praise.

When he was 40 years old, he was ruthlessly deprived of his healthy body and became a disabled person in a car accident.

Yang Siqiang did not fall before the fate of injustice, reluctantly resisted with fate, and he was determined to embark on a path suitable for his own development.

He founded Ningxiang County Chuxing Energy Co., Ltd. and founded the farm that was awarded the “Poverty Alleviation Base for Disabled Persons”.

In his love story, there are needles for the disabled to be a matchmaker, paving the way for the employment of disabled people. For Ding Ru, Jiang Guangsai, and Zhou Min, each of the three families with difficulties has given a thousand yuan to help students.However, it provides funding for many disabled people, and sponsors for the collective wedding of disabled people.

He is also the executive director of the Hunan Disabled Persons Association, the first president of the Ningxiang City Poverty Alleviation Association. His good conduct and charity are widely spread and widely disseminated by the media.

在“第十四届中国诚信企业家大会”上杨四强被授予诚信企业家,楚兴能源有限公司被授予“2017年中国‘重质量守诚信示范企业’”,在“第七届中国自主创业大会”Yang Yangsiqiang was awarded the “Golden Plow Award” honorary winner, and was elected by Vice Chairman of the 10th National People’s Congress Standing Committee He Luli, Vice Chairman Gu Xiulian, Zhang Shiping, Deputy Director of the Social and Legal Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Wei Jianguo, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce.The deputy director of the First National People’s Congress Financial and Economic Committee, He Wei, and other leaders commended and received.

On January 6, 2018, Changsha Chuxing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “2017 Top Ten Most Growing Brands in Hunan”.

On May 24, 2018, Changsha Chuxing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “2017 Hunan Top Ten Most Growing Brand”.

In the 2018 (5th) China Brand Impact Evaluation Results Release, Huangtulun Ganquanshui was awarded the “2018 Fifth China Consumer Satisfaction Brand”, and Yang Siqiang won the “Top Ten Innovative Enterprises of Chinese Brand Influence (Industry)”Home” certificate of honor.

The successful introduction of the loess lungan spring water led to the provincial and municipal leadership research on January 13, 2018, the former Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, the provincial government counselor Li Songling, the former party secretary of the Hunan Academy of Science and Technology, Zeng Jianxin, and the executive vice president Wei Xiao.Liang Zhijun, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuhua District of Changsha, Yi Zhixiang, secretary general of the Hunan Brand Culture Festival Organizing Committee, and the leaders of the Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation, came to Chuxing Agriculture Co., Ltd. for special research.

In the discussion and exchange, the company welcomed and congratulated the company on the operation of the Huangtulun Ganquan water.

The leaders said in their encouragement that we must firmly develop our confidence. We must transform the resource advantages into product advantages and market advantages according to the Ningxiang modern agriculture key. We must continue to grow bigger and stronger and expand the market.

The general manager shared the success of the entrepreneurs. Yang Mi told reporters at the press conference that the water layer of Huangtulun Ganquan reached 133 meters, which required the human body to contain various trace elements such as selenium, zinc, potassium and iron.7.

5 natural rock water, PH value 7.

5 is weakly alkaline, and has six-ring small sub-distribution water that is most effective for longevity. It is an advantage that other waters on the market do not possess.

At present, the company’s daily output has reached 40 tons, and the molded product specifications are 11.

3 liters 7.

5L 5L, 500ml, 328ml and other 5 categories.

The barrel water is mainly supplied to the Ningxiang market, and the 500ml and 328ml containers mainly take tourist attractions and one-on-one privately-customized routes.

All major hotels, enterprises and all individuals and families in need can obtain the Huangtulun spring water by order.

Everyone can become an agent, both for their own use and for sharing. 500 yuan can open the road to entrepreneurship.

A one-time recharge of 500 yuan can become a Huangtulun Ganquan VIP, enjoy the VIP price.

The surplus is used up within three months, and a VIP is given 100 yuan for card consumption. The partners only recruit one in each province, expand the contract, and participate in the company’s product cost accounting. The performance can become the original shareholder of the company.

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