7 ways to jump in a dilemma

7 ways to jump in a dilemma

● Type 1 Checking the Reasons First of all, you should never use the unpleasantness of your job as the reason for your transfer.

In fact, never use the mentality of “daughter-in-law to become a wife sooner or later” as an excuse for hard work and indecision.

Whether we need to work hard to overcome the obstacles of the existing environment and achieve our own success; or do we decisively put aside the current dilemma and open up another sky.

This requires careful thinking and must not be rushed into a decision.

  In addition to the transfer assessment test provided by us, the opinions of relatives, friends, teachers, and related books and magazines can also be used as reference assessments to understand their basis.

Of course, the final result must be up to you.

The process of learning, understanding, setting merit, and bearing is not the first lesson you have to learn when you step into society!

  ● Type 2 eyesight. After you decide to transfer, you will definitely look forward to it.

It is definitely a new job and a new environment that will make you dream about the bright future.

Nonetheless, we have to remind you very blindly that reality is very cruel.

According to statistics, the average domestic unemployment period is as long as half a year, and the unemployment rate is rising steadily and hitting record highs.

Seeing such a tragedy, can you think twice before submitting your resignation?

Telling you these questions is not to intimidate you to stay obediently in the original job position.

Even remind you that you must do the preparations before changing jobs.

  Each transfer is an important turning point in life. This beautiful turn will make you go better than others in the next stage of your life.

How to transfer to a beautiful job?

First of all, we must look at the current situation of society, the prospects of current work, and the future development potential of the company.

The first is to fully understand the direction of development, especially if you want to switch to different fields, people with different positions must not change their career impulse based on their external appearance.

Collect relevant information, consult with practitioners in related fields, and understand the actual nature of these jobs and the personal characteristics and professional skills required.
Both are indispensable for preparing homework.

Finally, in the process of collecting information and interviews, learn about the company’s atmosphere, development prospects, and personal development space.

In this way, are you afraid that everything will become dizzy?

  In short, transfers are the most jealous of others.

An excessively ideal transfer result will not necessarily bring you a bright future, but it will easily make you suffer serious setbacks and losses.

So watch carefully and carefully in all directions is an indispensable skill in your workplace.

  ● The third type of throwing stone asks for directions, saying that it ‘s better to make a good shot than the shot. The so-called shot of a stupid bird, the story of a blind cat throwing a dead rat is definitely not in the cruel reality.

Since it is a transfer, then you must feel that writing an autobiography and applying for a resume is not a job. If it is a human website, just kidding?

Just find a job and move your fingers!

Raising a hand is really too much.

If you really think so, you must prepare a large settling fee before the resignation to survive the long absence.

  How to write a beautiful and on-the-job resume, I believe you have learned a lot on the Internet, among friends or in the painful experience!

But then!

This job resume is a little different to him.

In addition to the learning experience that the general resume should pay attention to, how to properly arrange the previous job and personal career planning will affect the smooth transition of the transfer process and the next job.

If you can provide good performance or related works in the previous work, you will bring a lot of extra points during the transfer process!

  ● Type 4 Bet After all the evaluation and transfer processes are completed, arrange your own next direction.

At this time, the most important thing is to submit your resignation.

First of all, we must first understand the company’s personnel regulations in the company’s personnel regulations, including time, transfer procedures, procedures for termination.
Then everything is done in accordance with company regulations.
Do not want to say that you are afraid of trouble, and turn around as soon as you receive the year-end bonus or salary, this will make you encounter more annoying problems.

  If you want to continue to work in related fields, the so-called good things do not go out, and the rumors spread thousands of miles, but this irresponsible behavior will follow you and become a stigma that you can’t get rid of.

  On the contrary, if the original company can’t find a successor for a while, you can give the company more time for handover, so that a little affection can not only smoothly maintain the relationship with the old workplace, but I believe how much it will work for you in the futureWill help a little bit!

  ● Type 5 An inside and outside believe that everyone who has left the company agrees on one thing: the time between submitting his resignation and officially leaving the company is the hardest.

Staying in your seat is like waiting for death.

You will even feel embarrassed or sad when you meet certain colleagues or supervisors.

But if you want to draw a perfect period in this job, this time is a very crucial moment!

  First of all, within the company, you must arrange for this as soon as possible.

In addition to completing the resignation procedures in accordance with regulations, a smooth transfer process can not only prevent the company from generating waste, but also keep your resignation from becoming a mess.

Make a list of your work content and transfer matters, and fully communicate with the successor to ensure that the other party fully understands their work.

  For example, notify customers and other partners, and bring their successors to visit them one by one.

Reduce thanks to the other person for their care over these days, allow the successor and client to become familiar, and not be damaged by your departure.

This way, you can not only show your confidence in your new job position, but also maintain your existing network resources to some extent!

  ● Sixth-style hand swinging Wuxian eternal sadness is the only difference.

Parting is painful, and liberation is happy.

At this important moment when the wind is bleak, reunion, sadness, joy, and laughter, apart from cherishing goodbyes to all colleagues, don’t forget that reality is cruel, and what you should do is still fate.

  First of all, before leaving the company, arrange for the environment that you have suffered in the week, put in personal belongings and take them away.

All company’s information files must also be sorted and classified, and confirm with the relevant parties that the information is complete and not missing.

  In addition, some company certificates, job stamps and other items must also complete the return procedures.

In the end, we must endure the thrill of liberation, say goodbye to colleagues and supervisors with tears that show patience and express gratitude.

Even if you really want to cheer and celebrate, please suppress the three laughs after you step out of the company door.

  You can say that you have completed half of your transfer to the sixth form.

What about the remaining half?

Of course, the seventh style of the first six styles of Jiben Secret: landing on the ground.

  ● The seventh style takes root . What?

I do n’t know by name!

It’s just asking you to share your points in your new job. Don’t think too much.

If you unfortunately fail to practice, and go into the devil, please restart from the first style, thank you!

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