8 Ginkgo skincare products for intense skin whitening

8 Ginkgo skincare products for intense skin whitening

Ginkgo skin care products are the materials commonly used by major businesses after green tea skin care products!

Ginkgo skin care is actually there since ancient times: Ginkgo grows slowly and has a very long life. It takes more than 20 years from planting to fruiting, and it can take a lot of fruit after 40 years. The life span reaches more than 1,000 years.

It’s an old star in the tree.

Ginkgo not only has value for use, but also whitens and wrinkles more!

Don’t believe it, and experience the beauty of Ginkgo skin care products together with Xiaomei.

  Recorded in “Pillow”: Ginkgo biloba health pillows are made from selected Chinese herbal medicines, such as ginkgo biloba leaves.

Faint fragrance can improve human breathing and improve sleep quality. Long-term use can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

Natural substances that prevent hypertension, stroke, diabetes, etc. caused by blood vessels and metastasis in adults, which cause adults to maintain normal cardiac output and normal nervous system functions, especially in middle and old age, so that people can maintain normal cellular lifecycle.

  1. Whitening: When the body is in a bad state, our endocrine is easy to be confused and dysregulated. At this time, there are too many oxygen free radicals in the body, but insufficient peroxide dismutase (SOD) causes excessive oxygen free radicals.It has an oxidative reaction with dermal cells, forming a large amount of lipofuscin (lipid peroxide), causing melasma or pregnancy spots.

The flavonoids contained in Ginkgo biloba can inhibit the formation and deposition of pigment in the dermis layer, and achieve the effect of whitening skin and complication pigmentation plaque.

In addition to flavonoids, trace elements such as manganese and molybdenum in ginkgo leaves can also remove oxygen free radicals and inhibit melanin growth.

  2. In terms of wrinkle removal: It takes about 3 months for the human skin to be completely renewed, but why do we still have annoying small fine lines on our boards?

The reason is that the new cells formed in the dermal layer have already been oxidized by excessive free radicals before reaching the surface layer of the skin, and when they reach the epidermal layer, they are already aging cells.

The flavonoids and flavonols in Ginkgo biloba are scavengers of free radicals, which can protect dermal cells, improve blood circulation, and prevent cells from being oxidized to produce wrinkles.

  Dietary Efficacy Research on Ginkgo biloba extract mainly comes from Europe and has been prescribed as a prescription drug in Europe.

It can improve blood circulation, improve mental function, and prevent tumors.

  Consumption method: It is recommended to add 120 mg of ginkgo biloba extract supplements every day, which can be taken in 3 times. Usually, it can gradually take effect after 1 month.

If taken with ginseng, it is recommended to use alternately, or take a small amount at the same time.

  Ginkgo skincare product recommendation: Charmzone Ginkgo Natural Foaming Cleanser This series contains Ginkgo biloba extract extract and various plant beauty ingredients.

It can completely remove the dirt and pollutants on the skin and protect the skin from harmful environmental pollution; thoroughly remove the skin dirt and dirt: thoroughly remove the dirt, makeup and dust deep in the pores to make the skin clean and pure; the ginkgo leaf extract essence makesSkin is comfortable and fresh: Netizens’ hot review: Basically it is one of the easy-to-use facial cleansers. The foam is rich and the taste is very light. It is quite comfortable after washing the face.

Cost-effective, cheap and affordable, the use of natural and non-irritating.

婵 Really star product.

  Eucerin Eucerin Ginkgo Revitalizing Milk Contains Double Ginkgo Biloba Extract, which effectively increases the collagen content in the skin, fights gravity, fights wrinkles and relaxation caused by years, tightens the skin contour, restores skin elasticity and firmnessTo.

Fills plump skin with radiance from the inside out.

  Hot comments from netizens: I think the absorption is very good, the taste is very good, very light fragrance, very natural feeling, but I did not feel the effect of small faces, haha, I just use it every night before going to bed, in the morning too late.

Because you need to pull up and massage.

  Apricot Charmzone Ginkgo Natural Emulsion 1.

Enriched with Ginkgo biloba extract to protect skin and keep it healthy and refreshed.


Contains plant-derived moist juvenile root bark extract for dry skin, making the skin moist and shiny.


Peony skin, mulberry skin extract and other plant-based nutrients make the skin transparent and elastic.

  Hot comments from netizens: When you can still buy it, I heard that it is very thick and reproduced in the winter. Just after a series of run-outs, you will feel that your face is slippery. It is very gentle and easy to absorb.

  Jiameile Camenae Ginkgo Fruit Whitening and Rejuvenating Mask targets natural plant ingredients such as Ginkgo biloba (extract), papaya fruit extract, twisted cactus stem extract, jojoba oil and other breakthrough E.


TM essential oil added formula can fully replenish skin moisture, allow natural whitening ingredients to be absorbed by the skin in time, repair dry and dull skin from the inside out, make the skin brighter and more translucent, and the skin appears younger and fairer and younger.
  Netizens’ hot comment: It is really good to say that after use, the skin is not immediately white, even very clean, very translucent white, and it feels a little pink.

I plan to run out of this sample, and go in another bottle!   The original ecological flavonoids and natural essential amino acids contained in the Ginkgo biloba leaves of Cortry Ginkgo Vitamin Regenerating Whitening Mask can be used for firming and elastic skin.

You can use Ginkgo Vita Regenerating Whitening Mask, extracting the ingredients of Ginkgo biloba, and mix and match the herbal ingredients from the Greater Shangri-La region of China.

  Netizens hot comment: mild, whitening effect is also good.

When I take a shower, I use my whole body. When I insist on the time, I give my feet and calves that I can barely see.

  The Face Shop Ginkgo Massage Cream Ginkgo has the functions of removing yellow gas, soothing and whitening.

The extract from Ginkgo biloba can help the skin remove yellow gas and restore natural whiteness.

  Ginkgo biloba extract provides skin with good complexion, has excellent anti-oxidant effect, and protects the skin from harm. It contains sage, Dr. Louis, chamomile, borage and other herbal extracts to provide skin moisturization.

  Comments from netizens: Massage creams are very common. Fortunately, my skin is not allergic, especially after staying up late, my color is much better.

Rinse well after the massage, or you will get acne.

  Magic doctor

Enriched with ginkgo extract, it can quickly awaken the skin, inject new energy, and combine with nutritious wheat germ oil and grapefruit extract to restore lasting moisture and vitality in time, leaving the skin silky and smooth.Glow youth.

  Hot comments from netizens: I went to Watsons to hang out and was introduced by his family’s BA. I was embarrassed and bought the water of Ping Jasmine and presented a sample of water and lotion of ginkgo.They are used at night. The next morning when I get up, my face is slippery. I love the feeling when I wash my face. Later, I used up the sample and lost the bottle. Does n’t this mean that it has a repair effect?A little effect, it is still very good.

  Ginkgo biloba MAXAM Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Milk effectively protects and nourishes the skin, removes harmful substances from the skin, and leaves a protective layer while washing away excess oil from the pores, preventing the skin from being harmed by the external environment.

Unique cleaning ingredients, rich foam, effectively cleans the deep skin and surface dirt, and the skin is not dry and tight after washing.

Use daily to keep skin clean, fresh and shiny, and to maintain a comfortable and healthy state.

  Comments from netizens: Translucent gel is slightly fragrant and wet hands can be used to wipe out rich bubbles. If you add water to knead it, it will be less rich. It feels the level of domestic foam cleansing, but the mildness of this product is still better., I won’t feel anything when I touch the wound.

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