Do you know the baby’s six emotions and six desires

Do you know the baby’s “six emotions and six desires”

What does the child’s first smile mean?
Does the baby cry because of an instinctual response in situations like hunger?
Baby, are there any real emotions?
  For a long time, people have thought that babies do not have expressions and real emotions.
However, the latest research shows that as infants grow, their sensory abilities develop rapidly and can be expressed in complex ways.
The development of the baby’s expression ability and the growth of physical and mental strength are a relationship that affects and promotes each other.
do you know?
At different ages, our babies have different passions and desires!
  The happy sleeping baby “Are I feeling comfortable”-this is probably the earliest emotion that a baby can show.
For example, is it too tightly wrapped, is it too noisy outside, etc.
Even newborns, when faced with this type of situation, will express their reactions immediately.
For example: a newborn baby who occasionally curls up in front of his mother’s chest. “Sometimes this is an instinctual conditioned reflex, such as the external noise is too loud,” explained the pediatrician.This behavior shows a strong love for the mother.
“” Social “smiles are strong evidence that babies can use expressions consciously.
Usually, this will happen in 4-8 months.
Through careful observation, mothers can distinguish this smile from the usual satisfaction smiles of the past.
Many times, this new smile is triggered by the arrival of someone (usually a parent).
Reports indicate that even babies who have not opened their eyes, when they hear the sound of a loved one, or when they feel the touch of a loved one, they will make a “social” smile.
  Over time, our babies will become more and more social.
When they smile, they will add the sound of “haha” and even shake their limbs; at this time, parents can obviously feel from their expressions: they are expecting something interesting to happen.
  When Mrs. Wang’s 5-month-old daughter, Xiao Xiao, was still in the middle, her two-and-a-half-year-old cousin always sneaked to the side of the crib and made all kinds of interesting sounds.
Although Xiaoxiao couldn’t see her brother’s position, she immediately giggled when she heard the voice; and when the brother stopped the voice, Xiaoxiao also stopped laughing, with an expression on her face waiting very hard.
Obviously, Xiaoxiao, 5 months old, is looking forward to this game and knows how to react.
We can’t be sure if Xiaoxiao understands that the person who made her laugh is her brother, but it’s clear that she knows that it’s a different person-this is an out-and-out emotional response.
  Language skills begin to develop as early as 3 months of age.
At this stage, the baby will start to make a “grumbling” sound, which is imitating the sound of the people closest to him.
At this time, rapid feedback and smile are especially important: if the child starts to “speak” to you, then what he most expects is that you “communicate” with him-this is an important exercise to improve language skills, start now.
  In addition, anger is also a common expression at this stage.
Don’t worry, many times the frustration of not being able to reach the toy will make them angry.
But it doesn’t matter, babies in this period can forget about being angry after one second.
If they can’t reach the toy, they will get angry for a second, and then work harder to use the body and increase strength.
  害怕和爱  蒋太太回忆起她的一段困难经历:那是她儿子豆豆7个月大的时候,不知什么原因,豆豆只允许妈妈、爸爸和一个阿姨抱,除此之外,其他任何人Holding him, he would cry all the time.
The trouble lies in this. Mrs. Jiang has a large family, and this child is the only new generation in the family.
“The problem of Xiaodoudou has a special name:” Stranger Phobia. ”
Like other babies of this age, Doudou began to realize that the world was very complicated, and he was worried that new contacts would replace people he knew.
  Another similar situation is called “separation phobia”, which is mainly manifested when the baby is very worried about the person he loves to leave.
What if he or she never returns?
As a result, many of these children simply cannot see their mothers starting to dress up or their fathers playing with car keys.
When this happens, it reveals from one side that your baby has developed to something that can be expected to be “disappointing”.  Of course, at this stage, children will begin to experience all the interesting things in the world and start sharing this happy experience with others.

They will show his parents something that makes him extremely happy, and hope that the parents will be as excited as he is after watching it.

Usually, in the last part of this phase, children begin to say the first true word, the words-these first words are generally things that they think are extremely interesting, or very close people, like DadMom, siblings, pets, etc.

  What’s wrong with my baby?

  It seemed that overnight he had grown up and had his own thoughts.

His world began to expand–all of this should be thanks to the parents’ usual inculcation.

As babies improve their language skills, their expression skills increase.

  Anger and depression began to appear.

At this age, the baby’s immediate change from a smile to tears may occur within a minute.

For example, when the mother stays with the baby, the baby smiles; when the mother is about to get up and walk away, the baby immediately pouts his mouth-the children are more and more able to express their unhappiness.

For some children, a tempered tornado can be triggered when their requirements are not met, or when their parents restrict them from doing certain things.

  At this age, a thorough temper tantrum plays an important role in a child’s emotions, physiology, and intelligence.

Experts say: “Tantrums are the external manifestation of a child’s mastery of new skills.

“The tantrums such as losing your temper are actually just because the children have their own intentions and want to do something, but unfortunately they have not been able to do so at this time.

  At the same time, another positive emotion, “compassion,” reappeared around 18 months.

When a child expresses who he is sad for, we clear whether he can really understand the unhappiness of others, or just imitate the unhappiness of others.

But in either case, this is the beginning of good social development.

  In short, our babies also have passions and desires. Whatever the child ‘s emotional development, the most important thing is that parents can pay attention to every signal sent by the child and respond appropriately to their signals.

Parents’ simple, natural responses will encourage their children to develop more types of emotions.

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