Red blood on the face will not let the girl powder become plateau red_1

Red blood on the face will not make the girl powder become plateau red

Guide: There are puff cheeks without makeup, but they become red bloodshot when they are slightly stimulated.

Removal of red blood has become a top priority.

People with extremely thin skin are most susceptible to red blood vessels and are extremely sensitive.

This seems to be caused by natural factors, but oily skin with thick stratum corneum may also encounter such problems.

Therefore, people with red bloodshot on their face should pay attention to red bloodshot in time to prevent the girl’s powder from turning into plateau red.

  There are many reasons for red blood vessels. Red blood vessels can be removed by clearing blood vessels and covering with makeup.

  where is the problem?


Constant exfoliation: Frequent exfoliation or rubbing the skin vigorously with a towel will thin the skin itself.


Excessive skin peeling: Long-term use of wine-containing fruit acids, acid-based skin peeling products and hot compresses on the face will stimulate the connective tissue of the skin, making both toes red.


Excessive skin effect: Sauna and solarium both warm the skin in disguise and can damage the normal function of connective tissue.

  How to get red blood?

  Unblocking blood vessels In addition to skin care products containing vitamin C, which has the effect of enhancing blood vessel walls and improving the appearance of the skin, the more popular Gan Prairie solution can dissolve, eliminate blood stagnation in the blood vessels, and target the cause of red blood vessels.

  Make-up covers to remove red blood cells In case of an emergency, applying makeup is the best first aid method, because removing red blood cells requires a replacement time.

According to the principle of complementary colors, green is the best color to neutralize red, and the cream can do this.

Message from the editor: MM with severe red blood vessels can also consider going to the hospital, and let professional doctors help you to remove red blood vessels.

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