Sports drink water is stressful!

Drinking the wrong will only hurt the body!

Sports drink water is stressful!
Drinking the wrong will only hurt the body!

There is no doubt that there is more exercise and sweating. How much should you drink? How to drink?

The effect is not good.

If you sweat too much and don’t drink water, you will feel dizzy and weak, and you will be shocked and comatose.

If you can drink water as follows, it will be safer and easier to exercise.

Drinking water, you must start drinking water one hour before you exercise at high temperature before exercise.

The amount of water is about 400?
600 ml, drink in divided portions.

Drinking too much at one time can easily cause bloating.

When the body is short of water during exercise, it first affects the state of motion.

Sweating causes water loss, which will take away minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, etc., causing muscle tension to drop in the body – the muscles are significantly loose, meaning you will feel tired, weak, and will not want to move.

It actually affects your health.

Drinking water is especially important for athletes over the age of 50.

The exercise test shows that if you exercise for an hour or so, due to the loss of water, the viscosity of our body’s blood will increase several times than usual, and the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents will increase significantly.

In the process of exercise, you must also enter the water.

A small number of times, about every 15?
30 minutes hydration 100?
200 ml.

After running and drinking, the physical recovery and recovery exercise, in order to maintain fluid balance, you have to drink enough water.

Muscle soreness after exercise is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid. It is better to drink more water when lying there.

All of our body’s energy metabolism and various chemical reactions, and even the transportation of waste, are accomplished by circulating water in the body.

If the amount of water in the body can return to normal as soon as possible (or close to normal), then lactic acid will take away faster, the chance of muscle soreness will decline, and physical recovery will also speed up.

And if you wait for the rest to replenish water, it means that the body recovery time will reorganize.

There is a precise way to measure the optimal amount of water: you can try to measure your weight before running and after running.

This weight difference is the water consumed by the body.

Within 3 hours of exercise, the accumulation of water should be restored to the weight before running, which is most beneficial to take away the waste generated by the body during exercise.

Need to remind everyone that swimming in the water, their feeling does not feel sweat, but the body is also losing water, but also use the above principles to add water.

Qualified sports drinks: not too sweet, exclude gas If you exercise for a long time, sweating, it is necessary to choose sports drinks to replenish.

Choose a qualified sports drink and watch to see if it contains sugar, sodium or potassium.

Potassium and sodium are essential trace elements in the body and are easily lost due to sweating. Sugar can replenish energy, but it is not as good as it is in sports drinks. During exercise, it is easy to nausea when drinking too sweet.

General sports drinks require a sugar concentration of no more than 6%.

This will not make the stomach resentful, and the taste is also the best.

Some sports drinks contain caffeine. Although caffeine can be refreshing, it has a diuretic effect, and the hydration effect is far less good than ordinary drinks.

Gas-filled sports drinks have a good taste and a large number of fans.

But it is not the best choice for hydrating.

Types of beverages can consume most of the stomach capacity, that is to say, you can’t drink a lot, and it is easy to get rid of the water.

Some studies have said that with the mixing of non-gas-filled beverages, the volume of hydration of carbonated beverages is reduced by more than 50%.

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