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What should I do if my skin is sunburned?

What should I do if my skin is sunburned?

With milk to enter the summer, the strong ultraviolet rays of the outdoors have begun to “power”.

When the skin is active for a long time, the exposed skin will feel red and hot, which may be a sign of slight sunburn. Then, use cold milk to give the skin first aid.

  Dermatologists say sunburn is an acute inflammation of the skin and cold compresses are the most effective treatment.

  If the skin feels hot after sun exposure, itching should be carried out with cold compresses to reduce the skin temperature and reduce damage, and the sooner the better.

Several kinds of ordinary cold water cold compresses, cold milk is better for external application, which can be regarded as an effective remedy for mild sunburn, because the acidity of milk has anti-inflammatory and astringent effects on the skin.

  The specific method is to put milk in the freezer of the refrigerator.
Refrigerate at 10 ° C. Milk at this temperature is most suitable for cold compresses.

Soak a clean small towel or gauze in cold milk, twist it so that it does not drip, and apply it to the sunburned skin.

When the sunburn area is large, you can use a small towel to apply cold.
8 layers of gauze cold compress.

Dip milk every 5 minutes and apply 30?
60 minutes, apply 2 times a day?
3 times, this lasts about 3 days, and the sunburned skin will be repaired.

If you don’t have refrigerated milk, you can also use cold milk to cool.

  The editor reminded that some people like to use vegetable and fruit juice cold compress method, it may cause skin irritation, and cold milk external application is relatively safe.

Never touch hot water after sunburn. Do not use soap, soap, shower gel, etc. to stimulate the skin. Do not use skin care products for the time being.

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