Office Fitness Exercise

Office Fitness Exercise

Skull 1.

Sit on the sofa, hands on hips, loop around your head, alternate between front and back.


Hold your head with both hands, press hard against your chest, then relax, and try to lift your head upwards, repeating it several times.

  Function: It can prevent and relieve cervical spondylosis.

  The upper limbs are sitting or narrow, with both arms raised sideways, fingers up, straight arms forward, and loops backwards.

Unlimited times, until the arms are sore.

  Role: Enhance the strength of the upper limbs and move the shoulder joints.

  Stretch your waist, separate your feet, put your hands on your hips, and turn your waist. You can do it clockwise and counterclockwise alternately.

  Role: The internal organs are massaged, which has a certain auxiliary effect on gastrointestinal diseases.

  Lower extremity exercise sit on the big sofa, put your hands on your side, lean your upper limbs back, support your body with your hands, hook your toes with your feet, lift up at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground, and perform pedaling.

  Role: Increases lower limb strength.

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