How is your popularity

How is your popularity

One day I saw a friend carry a bag that you also like, and I think it’s quite a speed match with you. I have been thinking about it since I was home. How would you deal with your fetish acacia?

  (A) Directly ask friends where to buy (B) Look around, buy secretly, and keep friends from seeing (C) Press the desire you want, and forget that thing (D) Find a way to talk to a good friend: A――You are always shy, and you do n’t book other people ‘s moods without mind, sometimes sensitive people misunderstand you, but your rough nerves have few feelings, and you act on your own instincts.

Gradually everyone will know that it is your nature and get used to adapting.

  B——You pay attention to the section. You do n’t want to be rude, so you are very polite, but it makes people feel a bit overkill. It is counterproductive.

In fact, relax a bit, don’t be so restrained, you can get closer to your friends, without separation.

  C-As far as you are concerned, life is the most important thing. You want to live a peaceful life, and don’t have anything to do with right and wrong.

If someone deliberately provokes you, you will also pretend to be a piece of wood and let others’ provocations do nothing.

Even though you are surging inside, your appearance still looks as though your heart is still.

  D-You must be so popular that you have good friendships with other people, often get help from noble people, and you are not at a disadvantage in your work.

However, you still have to work hard to enrich yourself, so as not to run out of good luck, you will still need to support yourself in the future.

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