More than 30% of college freshmen have psychological problems

More than 30% of college freshmen have psychological problems

In the first week of the new school year, the 2006 University of Science and Technology Freshmen’s Mental Health Survey just completed showed that there are about 8 freshmen who have psychological problems and need psychological intervention.

3%, about 27% are in a sub-health state, and more than 30% of the new students combined have different levels of psychological problems.

  Psychologists introduce that everyone may experience a variety of confusions during their growth, which will cause certain changes in their mental state.

Freshmen in colleges and universities are psychologically fragile due to the pressure of pre-admission and competition, and after school, high expectations from society, families and themselves, as well as changes in the communication environment, will cause certain psychological problems.

Therefore, the higher the proportion of psychological problems and sub-health status among college freshmen, it should be normal.

  The Psychological Survey of Freshmen of the Chinese University of Science and Technology has been conducted five times since 2002.

The census is to develop a mental health census system that is suitable for the characteristics of the students by following the development of the international universal scale. The undergraduate students are subjected to relevant psychological tests one by one, and on this basis, personal mental health files are established for students.

After comparison, the results of the 2006 freshmen census are roughly equivalent to the previous four years. Compared with other universities in China that conducted such surveys, the results are also strikingly similar, so the survey data reflects a typical sample significance.

  It is understood that the severity of psychological problems for college students in Chinese universities has generally improved, but due to various reasons, too many schools have had psychological interventions, counselling and counseling, and prevention of psychological conditions. The intervention system has not yet been established, and students’ psychological problems cannotSolve early detection, intervene in time, and even let a few schools let go.

Due to psychological findings and the lack of intervention mechanisms, they often lead to serious deterioration of mental health, and many distressing problems have already appeared.

Psychologist intervention: Helping students understand their psychological characteristics, solving psychological problems, and improving their mental health is an important part of the sacred responsibility of teaching and educating people. The mental health problems of freshmen in colleges and universities cannot be ignored.

  ”The key is the need for timely counselling and intervention.” Professor Kong Yan, director of the Psychological Education Center of the University of Science and Technology of China believes that for students who may have obvious psychological problems and sub-health status, “early detection, timely intervention; prevention-oriented, education”Based on”, students with outstanding psychological problems should face-to-face interviews, find out the source of stress, relieve the stress of the problem, effectively help correct students to understand themselves, face the reality, find the correct positioning, and grow happily.

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