What should a woman consider before marriage?

What should a woman consider before marriage?

Core tip: As a woman, you should think clearly: Why should I get married?

What kind of man do I want to find?

Marriage is a matter of a woman’s life. A good family, a good career, and a good looks are not as good as a good marriage to make a woman proud.

Do you want your other half to be some kind of person?

  What should a woman consider when getting married?

The first is the character, the second is the cultural foundation, the third is the occupation, the fourth is the family member, the fifth is the temperament, the sixth is the economic foundation, the seventh is love, the eight is physical health, and the ninth is not to be too picky about women.

  Marriage is the most important character. Without a good character, that man has no guarantee and may leave you at any time.

Cultural foundation is a major factor in a person’s temperament. Of course, the cultural foundation I am referring to does not refer to a diploma. The other person’s comprehensive quality, knowledge, and friendships.

  Occupation is the most important thing to ensure your future happiness. To be able to live a good life in the second half of your life, if someone works for a company, there is no technology and no expertise.What do you eat with your child when you post?

  Isn’t it a safe for a woman to marry someone?

If a man can’t afford this stability, I want you to run up and down for a few cents when you are forty years old. What’s the point of love?

  Family members are also very important. If a person’s family is very complicated, you are probably in the same position as fighting a war. If there is an evil mother-in-law or the like, there is basically no happiness at all.

The best family is that everyone has their own space, does not interfere with each other, but can help each other.

  Temperament is a very important thing. I think it should be the second most important thing to consider. A person’s temperament will not change because he loves you. He has been like this for decades and will not change because he loves you.Everyone is an adult, so I can bear it when I fall in love at most.

  Married and started to recover, there are many men who do not like to clean up, men who are careless, and men who are anxious, and it is best to find a gentler and considerate person, but this is two-sided, and ordinary women have to bear moreFor a home.

  The economic foundation is a very practical thing, that is, how much you have now, how much you can create after marriage, my mother said, marrying a man must have a house, think about it, marriage is now generally twenty-four, five, women.Age is the golden age of birth, but there is no pressure to rent a house to raise children!

  Even if you are going to get the house ready for regeneration, how expensive is the house now, after a few years, you are too big, and then have children, money, pressure, and emotions.

  However, if there is no house, there is no feeling of home. There will never be a reassurance. Why bother with a man and suffer this crime.

This love is so great.

  Seventh is love, love is wanted, but love is too illusory, you ca n’t say when you fell in love, and you do n’t understand when you will fall in love, do n’t pursue the so-called shocking love in the novelAll novels are finished just after marriage, and how terrible a test of life after marriage is.

  No matter how deep a relationship is, it is no match for decades of sun and moon. Love will wear away. What can persist is habit and kindness.

  A good man is the condition that you can stick to it smoothly.

  The health of a man is concerned. If he is always weak and needs your protection, you ca n’t guarantee that he will hide behind you when you meet a bad person. You do n’t know how many diseases he will have throughout the year. You do n’t know how he is like this.Going down, will you already have heaven at the age of forty.

  Do n’t marry men who do n’t care about their bodies. They do n’t have a sense of responsibility to protect their families with their own bodies. By the age of 40 or 50, what kind of illness does he have, and you will still be sad if you grow old.Accompany, not toss.

  Maybe someone will say, I will not marry if I write like this, how high I ask, but in other words, think about it, if I want to marry and suffer, and my child will suffer, I will not marryI ‘m alone, not burdening my children, and not marrying is just a little bitter on the surface, but if a woman has a home, that kind of stress and suffering is not the same as a person ‘s suffering.

  Actually, my requirements are not high. Many men have good personalities, and also have a sense of occupation and a house. They only look bad and do not coax people. They are a bit bad and unfashionable. They really exist.It’s just that women’s eyes are on some so-called bad men, Playboy, attracted by them, and ignore the people around them.

  There are so many good men around us, but we never even noticed.

As long as he can meet the basic standards and do not require riches and riches, as long as he can live through, he should consider together that women’s youth is limited.

  Always remember a sentence: Woman, you have the youth, you have the right to choose;

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