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What about positive aunt grains

The long things on the body can be covered, but the body is not good, so the common small particles that are always unclean for shells will always feel powerless. So how to deal with the long unfortunate particles?

The formation factors of your aunt are usually caused by too much oily diet, sensitive skin, poor skin care habits or skin care products that have been used with oil, so you should also start from these aspects when cleaning up longer aunts. Let ‘s take a look at the faceWhat to do with long feces.

  What about the long aunt grains at both ends?

Vitamin E and lemon have the effect of removing trace particles. Let’s take a look at the specific method.

  Topical vitamin E to clear trace particles: After the interface every night, apply vitamin E oil to the place where the shell dung granules are properly massaged twice to facilitate absorption. In general, you can see the trace particles dry up and peel off with both hands.But it is not necessarily effective for some light particles.

  Oral lemonade to remove traces: Cut fresh lemon into thin slices, put 1-2 lemon slices into boiling water every day, and place them at warm time.

Drinking a cup every day in the abdomen will always have the effect of detoxifying and clearing the intestines. It can also help digestion and change to take away toxins and greasy. It can prevent the skin from excessively large amounts of oil from causing long traces and achieve the effect of controlling detoxification.

  What about the long aunt grains at both ends?

  ① Use warm water and cleansing milk to clean the facial skin, then apply a 40-degree towel to a wooden board to open the pores.

  ② After soaking the skin, you can use the massage cream to massage in a circular motion at the ends of the granules, about 3 minutes.

  ③ After seeing the white head of the fecal particles, wipe off the massage cream with a cotton swab, then gently press the edge of the fecal particles with the side of the acne needle of the disinfection pot with the ring, and then squeeze the fecal particles out.

  ④Finally, disinfection should be performed. After applying erythromycin eye ointment, put a band-aid on it, and it can be removed after one day, so as to ensure the reproduction of trace particles.

  What about the long aunt grains at both ends?

Internal conditioning and external cleaning are very necessary. If there is a long length, it is usually caused by too much oil on the face and the beauty and skin care are not in place. Then there are the consequences of eating a greasy diet and eating fried foods, so not onlyThe cleaning of the surface is also necessary for the cleansing of the stomach and intestines.

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